Guest Commentator:Rosa Torres, IT Manager, Avendra (Division of Aramark), Aramark @Aramark

How can businesses leverage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to promote inclusion of employees who are minorities?

Imagine your ideal employee. You know, the one in your organization that takes a chance and shares his/her ideas, who speaks up, is proactive and looks for opportunities to collaborate with others. They are the person asking “How can I help? Or replying with “I can help you with that, here is how.”

This energy comes from a certain place. It comes from feeling purposeful and included.

Company leaders understand that employees who engage with their co-workers, clients, and customers and have opportunities to be innovative in how they solve problems and serve others will feel purposeful.

These purpose-driven employees are more likely to be proactive, go above and beyond their responsibilities and look for opportunities to contribute.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when an employee does not feel included or feels that their differences set them apart, they disengage. They do not take the risk to