Member Perspective: Gerard Sweeney

Guest Commentator: Gerard Sweeney, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Trustee, Brandywine Realty Trust @BrandywineRlty

How will the expansion of SEPTA’s Norristown High Speed Line to the King of Prussia business district sustain the area’s continued growth?

The Greater Philadelphia region has experienced transformative growth over the past decade. Strategic public-private initiatives led by influential leaders have resulted in large-scale corporate expansions and relocations, improvements in talent attraction and retention, and substantial investments to enhance the public realm. To propel Philadelphia and its submarkets toward becoming a world class metropolitan […]

Fostering inclusive growth for Philadelphia

Over the past six years, the Chamber’s Roadmap for Growth initiative has been engaging and uniting Chamber members with a broad swath of civic and neighborhood organizations to lift and improve Philadelphia’s economic and civic life. Building on this work, the Chamber has launched the new PHL Neighborhood Growth Project (NGP) to leverage the ideas and conversations that started in Roadmap into proactive policies that nurture inclusive growth.

NGP focuses on four key areas:

  • Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs
  • Workforce Modernization
  • Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Putting People First at City Hall

Among the policies gaining support are […]

Member Perspective: Mike Louden

Guest Commentator: Mike Louden, Regional Vice President, Comcast Business @comcastbusiness

How can small businesses take advantage of evolving technology to compete with their larger competitors?

When it comes to being a small business, the “term” small doesn’t seem to describe what you put into your company. The time, the effort and the resources you apply to your small business each day is anything but small. At Comcast Business, we recognize that with the 24/7 job of running a small business, everything seems to move faster by the minute, and you can’t […]