Grow PA

Driving growth in the Keystone State

Grow PA is a statewide initiative led by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia that convenes people and organizations throughout Pennsylvania to advance a modern growth agenda.


The Issue

Over the last few decades, Pennsylvania had been on the decline. With a shrinking workforce, stagnant population, and underperforming economy, the Keystone state has failed to keep pace with the rest of the nation.

Now in light of wide economic damage wrought by the pandemic, the Commonwealth must not only recover but rebuild Pennsylvania to be stronger than before.

While there were many major economic shifts on the horizon with emerging service- and technology-based sectors, the pandemic has accelerated the economic transformation, increasing economic disparity between Pennsylvania’s rural and urban areas. This varying impact signals the need for targeted interventions to help places with greatest economic need, compete and grow

As we overcome massive economic and social challenges in our state, we must reimagine our policies and help communities adjust and thrive in our new economic reality.


Pennsylvania’s rank in U.S. for GDP Growth


Pennsylvania’s rank in U.S. for population growth


Pennsylvania’s rank in U.S. job growth

The Movement

Grow PA has evolved into an initiative focused on convening Chambers of Commerce throughout the Commonwealth to facilitate collaboration and advance legislative objectives in alignment with three pillars, working to modernize all facets of our infrastructure, accelerate health care innovation, and transform post-secondary education.