How transparency in government can lead to prosperity in every neighborhood

The PHL Neighborhood Growth Project has been working to improve the opportunities needed to create strong lines of communication between local government, the business community, and neighborhood leaders to create lasting impact and prosperity in every neighborhood.

The Chamber submits testimony to the Philadelphia City Council Special Committee on Poverty Reduction and Prevention

The Chamber advocates for an educated and diverse workforce, a key asset to the long-term competitive success of the city and acts as a catalyst to attract and retain businesses.

Breaking: What’s standing in the way of an inclusive prosperity?

In a new report out by Drexel University’s Philadelphia Fellow, Richard Florida explores the roadblocks to all Philadelphia neighborhoods sharing in the prosperity of Center City. One of the things Florida identifies is our quickly declining millennial population.

Ensure young people thrive in the modern economy

There are more opportunities for computer programmers, graphic designers, and information technologists than ever before. But our education and workforce development systems aren’t set up to give our students the competitive advantage for these types of 21st-century jobs.