COVID-19 Legislative Updates: Roundup of Federal, State, and Local Actions

The Chamber team is here for you, your employees and your business. This round-up of activity includes Key Takeaways for Your Business and a Detailed Legislative Update.

3 Approaches to Creating Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

On Friday, February 21, 2020, the Chamber convened the local community, business and government leaders, and professionals to discuss approaches to supporting thriving neighborhoods. Here are three takeaways from the program.

Creating safe and healthy neighborhoods for all

Next week, we will be bringing together healthcare, political, and neighborhood leaders to continue the conversation of not only how we create safer and healthier neighborhoods across Philadelphia, but the importance of why we need to.

5 Ways to Increase Government Transparency

On January 22, 2020, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia kicked off Transparency in Local Government: Putting People First at City Hall with a highlight reel from our Inclusive Growth Hearing.

About the Hearing

On November 25, 2019, over 100 business and civic leaders convened at City Hall to present the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project’s Inclusive Growth Agenda to Philadelphia City Council’s Commerce and Economic Development Committee. The highlight reel featured various different business and civic leaders who made the case for creating good jobs that pay family-sustaining wages as a way of reducing poverty in Philadelphia.

The video set […]