Enhancing Customer Relationships

Submitted by: Veronica McKee, Vice President, Marketing, Philly Pretzel Factory

No matter what business you are in, you are in the relationship business. No doubt you’ve heard this advice before. Success lies within building new relationships and deepening existing relationships. In this respect, selling soft pretzels is no different than being in finance.

When I got out of college, I started working as a stock broker. If you work in banking or investing you know intrinsically about relationships. Your ability to build rapport, understand goals, and match what they need as often as possible is what keeps the customer. […]

88% of your employees and customers know someone who has had or will have cancer.

Submitted by: Mitch Stoller, Chief Philanthropic Officer and Vice President of Development, AACR Foundation 

The American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) is well-aware of the prevalence of cancer in the community at large today and works tirelessly to accelerate progress in the conquest of cancer – and we need your help. We invite you and your company to unite for cancer research. This May, help us in supporting a global awareness campaign for National Cancer Research Month. You can partner with the AACR during May—and beyond—to defeat cancer through a variety of avenues.

Headquartered […]

Understanding IRS Collections & Installment Agreements

Submitted by: Melissa Banion, CPA, MT, Managing Associate, Drucker & Scaccetti

Understanding IRS Collections & Installment Agreements

The IRS collections process can seem incredibly daunting and often instills fear in taxpayers.  The first thing to understand, is the IRS will not immediately break down your door or throw you in prison when you cannot pay the tax you owe.  However, making yourself aware of the process can save you time, headaches and, potentially, money.

The IRS can attempt to collect tax for up to ten years from the date it is assessed. However, upon certain actions, that time period […]

Keys to a Successful Corporate Fitness Center

Submitted by: Armand Tecco, M.Ed., President, HealthEase, Inc.

Keys to a Successful Corporate Fitness Center

Owners of Class A office buildings must compete for tenants by offering highly attractive amenities. Companies must do the same to hire the best recruits. One of the biggest benefits to offer is an on-site fitness center, open exclusively to people working in the building. This is especially important to millennials because they value the relatively new concept of workplace wellness. An on-site fitness center gives employees a place to exercise without leaving the office. The cost of membership is either subsidized by the […]