7 Steps for Successful Go-To-Market Planning

Complex GTM Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work

More than 30,000 consumer products and services are introduced each year. 80% of them fail!

What happened? Imagine that you are the well-entrenched market leader, you have a well-identified customer base, you may even own intellectual property rights to unique technology. Yet, you’re no longer your customer’s BFF.

Not to disparage planners or the planning function per se, but what you really needed was a leaner, more efficient GTM Framework that still satisfied your need to assess risk, articulated a crisp relevant value proposition to your intended customers, and helped everyone in your organization convey these promised […]

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3 Tasks I Bet You Never Knew Your Website Could Do.

Submitted by: Ashley Muir, Principal / Brand Strategist, Intelativity

In the early days of the World Wide Web sites consisted of little more than a multicolored word document with a handful of links. Today advanced technology has given sites the capability of providing directions, signing up for emails, even providing virtual customer service.  You are no longer limited to the static display of facts and pictures. Websites have grown into a multi-facetted tool that when used strategically can significantly improve the way you do business.

Find Great Employees – In today’s market it can be tough for employers […]

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