Fostering Good Business in the New Year

With a new year comes exciting events and initiatives at the Chamber. In keeping with our mission to foster growth in Greater Philadelphia, we're putting a focus on our advocacy efforts, enhancing opportunities for HR, championing small businesses, and sparking ideas and innovation for the region.

Procurement Opportunities for Our Region’s Businesses

The Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCCA) is offering a streamlined way to receive timely information on bid and procurement opportunities as they are released. The PCCA has launched an online Vendor Management Portal to provide greater access in real time for current and potential business partners.

Once registered, you will receive email notifications whenever the PCCA issues a new RFP or procurement opportunity in your self-determined area of expertise. The website also contains a link to an instructional video to assist you with the registration process.

Learn more and register for the Vendor Management Portal:

For additional procurement opportunities, the Chamber also offers access to […]

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FAQ – Conducting Business During the Democratic National Convention

With the eyes of the country – and world – turning to Philadelphia this week as our region hosts the Democratic National Convention, the Chamber is a resource for all businesses and civic partners, helping to navigate issues and maximize opportunities. We are pleased to keep our members informed about how this historic event will impact their businesses. The following FAQs, prepared by DNC Host Committee, provides an overview of what to expect this week:

When is the Convention? When do we expect Convention attendees to arrive and leave?

  • The Democratic National Convention (DNC) begins Monday, July 25th, and ends Thursday evening, […]
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Rob Wonderling’s Must Read: The Soft Edge

The summer is a time when I devote my reading to big non-fiction historical narratives. In August, I broke from tradition and read a business book. Business books have a reputation of being dry, but Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard’s The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success is a quick read with good advice.

Karlgaard notes that high performance has always required superb strategy and excellent execution, but he adds that truly great companies have deep values –  or what he calls “the soft edge”. The Great Recession hit everyone, but enduring companies grow and weather hard times […]

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Strategic Curiosity: How to Transform Your Company’s Culture

What does great brainstorming look like? “Think of it as a mosh pit of ideas. People are colliding,” says Steve Van Valin, CEO of Culturology. “The session has a flow to it. You stay open to the second right idea, or the third or the fourth. That’s how you find not just good solutions, but great ones.”

Van Valin passionately believes that effective brainstorming can transform organizations. He’ll be sharing his insights on how companies can harness the power of brainstorming at Strategic Curiosity: Creating the Mindset for Innovation, a professional development seminar we’re holding on June 20.

He also has some […]

How Employee Resource Groups Improve Employee Engagement

How can companies increase retention, establish mentors, promote business goals, and build morale all at the same time? It may sound like a tall order, but it seems that there actually is a way: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Larry Turner, a Partner, Morgan Lewis, defines ERGs this way: “It’s a way to use a common aspect of a shared experience to pursue a legitimate business goal.”

Kimberly Strickland, Market Inclusion Leader, PriceWaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC), explains how her company has implemented ERGs, which they refer to as circles. “We use circles as a way to form connection points and support groups for […]

Lack of Follow-Through: What it Costs Your Business (and How to Fix It)

Anyone who’s been in the business world for more than a few days has probably seen that lack of follow-through can be a project killer, a deal killer, and even a business killer.

Yet so many people still fail to follow through on what they’ve promised. Why? Is it laziness? Carelessness? Lack of self-discipline?

Dr. Mark Goulston, a clinical psychiatrist and cofounder of Heartfelt Leadership, an organization dedicated to bringing more humanity and more profit to the workplace, suggests there might be other factors at play.

In a webinar that Goulston recently conducted as part of our Small […]