Guest Commentator: Lex Powers, Strategic Planning Manager, SEPTA @SEPTA

What are some of the emerging innovations transforming transportation accessibility? And what impact will they have on our region?

SEPTA is hard at work on many projects that will transform transit service in Greater Philadelphia and help us win riders back during the pandemic. Thanks to our new strategic plan, SEPTA Forward, we’ve got a renewed focus on improving our services to meet changing rider needs and the customer experience to make sure everyone can use SEPTA easily on the first try. The SEPTA For All challenge, which invited innovators to submit ideas that use augmented reality technology to make transit more welcoming, comfortable, and accessible to people with disabilities, is one of these exciting projects.

SEPTA for All is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA and it complements SEPTA’s ongoing effort to improve signage system-wide. In September, we launched a series of recommendations for more accessible wayfinding, including new sign and map concepts, new uses of letters, colors, and numbers to simplify the navigatio