A message from the Chamber’s President & CEO Rob Wonderling to our community.

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I woke up this morning with a sick feeling in my stomach, a heavy heart, and lots of thoughts swirling around my brain from what is unfolding across our city and across our nation.

Firstly, racism is wrong. I believe it is important to call out the evils of racism now more than ever. Each of us has an obligation to do the best we can to serve and respect one another regardless of race, socioeconomic condition, gender, or sexual orientation.

Secondly, I believe each of us has a bias and must do a better job of walking in each other’s shoes, to be aware and wary of viewing people through the lens of superficial stereotypes. I pledge to redouble my own efforts in this regard.

Thirdly, I believe that abuse of power and police brutality is wrong and should be dealt with due process and equal justice under the law.

Finally, lawlessness and attacks on citizens and their property is wrong. We cannot allow an environment where citizens live in fear or tolerate the destruction of our communities.

As we are collectively assessing the short and long-term implications to workplaces as a result the pandemic and now, the physical destruction of communities, your chamber continues to be committed to advancing  an inclusive jobs growth agenda, that not just promotes diversity, but drives it forward – in the public square, the marketplace, and across our entire membership – to lead the way for all people to grow and thrive.

We pledge to continue to be part of the solution working in service to you and our City of Philadelphia.


Rob Wonderling
President & CEO
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia