The Chamber and our members are committed to assisting the community as we recharge and recover from the COVID-19 public health crisis. Every other week, we’ll be highlighting just a few of the resources available in the “From Our Members” section of our website to help guide your business into recovery.

Guidance on Workplace Safety

Gain insight from Ascentis into the protective measures your organization can implement, like employee screening and social distancing, in addition to guidance on how to effect bigger institutional and technological changes that will ensure the safety of your workers and customers.

Brian Communications
Best Practices for Operating in Uncertain Times

Utilize Brian Communications’ best practices to stay connected to your community as we continue to navigate a new normal. These tips provide strategies to engage with key audiences on social media, share a clear, unified message with internal and external stakeholders, and position your organization as a leader and resource.

Direction for Businesses & Buildings Planning to Reopen

Learn more from Pennoni experts who have provided guidance for businesses and buildings planning to reopen amid COVID-19. This outline details potential health and safety concerns, recommended measures for energy usage and efficiency, and possible impact to indoor plumbing systems.

Quantum Restoration Services
COVID-19 Decontamination Services

Ensure the safety and cleanliness of your workplace with Quantum Restoration Services’ bacterial and virus decontamination and deep cleaning services, which include environmentally friendly materials for a variety of industries.

Framework for Marketing During and Post-Pandemic

Ask the right questions with the use of Scribewise’s marketing strategy framework which can help develop an agenda to address sales and revenue goals, determine what your clientele needs from you right now, and develop your message accordingly.

Think Company
Free Problem Solving Workshops for those Supporting the Front Line Response

Share a challenge your organization is facing with Think Company and they’ll help devise an approach to meet community needs quickly. Expect to take part in a remote Think Session to break down the challenge and develop a practical solution, followed by a summary and any relevant artifacts needed for implementation.

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