Each Friday, we’ll bring you a round-up of positive news about how Chamber members are making a difference in our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Spike’s Trophies

Many companies are looking for innovative ways to keep their staff employed during these unprecedented times. Through a partnership with AnswerNet, Philadelphia-based Spike’s Trophies avoided layoffs by repositioning their employees as schedulers to book appointments for COVID-19 tests. While it’s a departure from their typical, more celebratory work of recognition, Spike’s employees know they are making a difference and providing a much needed service during this turbulent time.

FMC Corporation

Last week FMC Corporation, a global agricultural sciences company, donated nearly 165,000 masks to five major health systems in the Greater Philadelphia region to assist frontline health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recipient organizations include Penn Medicine, Jefferson health, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Temple University Health System, and ChristianaCare. FMC utilized the Chamber’s list of organizations seeking personal protective equipment donations to identify institutions in need of supplies.


Virtual or remote care has become increasingly important during this time of isolation and NeuroFlow, a behavioral health technology company working above The Bourse in Old City has built a free COVID-19 Risk and Anxiety Assessment Tool to help individuals determine their risk level and access evidence-based mental health resources and information. NeuroFlow has experienced a tremendous surge in demand for their integrated behavioral health platform that enables providers and health systems to remotely manage and measure the behavioral health of their patients.

Holt Construction

As COVID-19 spreads across our community, the ability to test for the virus is of the utmost importance. Holt Construction is working to support the need for safe, sturdy, sterile facilities for testing through the production and assembly of mobile testing facilities. These facilities will allow for protection of both the public and health care professionals while providing sanitation stations, temporary kitchens, and more. Holt hopes to design, build, and deploy 12 units per week to help increase access to safe testing facilities across the country.

Interested in sharing your story? Contact your member engagement representative to let us know what your organization is doing to make a difference in our community.