A message from the Chamber’s President & CEO Rob Wonderling to our community regarding the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Dear Friends,

To paraphrase a song that I can’t quite remember but has been lingering on the edge of my mind this week: Impossible is just a word for those who never try.

For many of us, the recent announcement extending the COVID-19 social distancing efforts through the end of April came as a grim confirmation of what we feared. Thirty more days of uncertainty. Thirty more days of isolation. Thirty more days of decline.

But I ask you, what else could the next thirty days bring?

Instead of approaching the next month with a collective groan, let’s envision, and more importantly work towards, a hopeful future. Thirty more days of doing good for those in need. Thirty more days in support of our front line health care workers and first responders. Thirty more days of exploring new innovative modes of work. Thirty more days of working together toward recovery.

As we spend April apart, let’s scrub the word impossible from our vocabulary and, instead, prove we are a community that continues to try, to serve, and to love each other.

Stay safe, connected, and healthy, and continue to let us know how we can help.


Rob Wonderling
President & CEO
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia