The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Dear Friend,

Last week at the annual Mayoral Luncheon hosted by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney shared his vision for the future of our city – one where all Philadelphians benefit from the city’s economic renaissance. The Chamber and the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project (PHL NGP) are grateful to have worked with the Mayor in his first-term, and look forward to seeing what more can be accomplished in his second. As a member of the Chamber’s Executive Committee, I have helped recruit more than 125 Council Connectors, made up of small and large business leaders, as well as nonprofit leaders, to drive this improved engagement between the business and community leaders with our local government.

I want to applaud Mayor Kenney on his dedication to making all neighborhoods in Philadelphia safer and more just. Here at PHL NGP, we’re committed to fighting alongside the mayor to find solutions to end gun violence and combat drug addiction in our city. A safer Philadelphia is not only beneficial for the well-being of residents, but it helps our local economy thrive as businesses are able to stay open later and employ more people.

PHL NGP is also grateful to the mayor for his efforts to enact transparency and efficiency in City Hall through reforms that will rebuild Philadelphians’ faith in our city government. We are proud to work alongside him, City Council, and the entire business community to find and implement smart reforms. Together, we helped pass sixteen bills that cut down on red tape and the Business Owners’ Bill of Rights to help small businesses and show the world that Philadelphia is open for business.

Finally, I want to thank the mayor for all he’s done to help create inclusive and resilient neighborhoods, not just in Center City, but in every corner of Philadelphia. We’re grateful to share this vision of an inclusive prosperity and look forward to working with him to continue making sure the Philadelphia workforce is ready to thrive in the modern economy.

If we keep building on our successes, together, we can make Philadelphia a city in which every neighborhood can grow.

Thank you,
Susan Jacobson

Susan Jacobson is a member of the Chamber’s Executive Committee.