The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.


Recently, Governor Tom Wolf announced his budget proposal for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and how he plans to put us “back on a path to prosperity.” At the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, we are excited to work with the Governor and create an inclusive prosperity that reaches every neighborhood.

I want to start by applauding Governor Wolf for his strong focus on Philadelphia and policy and funding proposals that will keep our families and neighborhoods safe and healthy while also promoting job creation and innovation. 

We are greatly looking forward to working with the governor, Mayor Kenney, and Philadelphia Public Schools Superintendent Hite on public school environmental remediation. Every child in Philadelphia deserves to attend a safe and healthy school that allows them to grow and learn. An investment in environmental remediation will provide that and more for many schools in our neighborhoods.

Our schools and our city should also be a place where we foster innovation. Philadelphia can have a world-class workforce that thrives in the modern economy, and that begins with supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. After months of engaging Governor Wolf and lawmakers on the importance of investing in innovation, we’re pleased he included a focus on advancing a statewide strategy to support entrepreneurs and start-ups. No business should fail to get off the ground due to bureaucratic red tape or a lack of access to the resources needed to scale and thrive.

I also want to thank Governor Wolf for his dedication to keeping our neighborhoods safe through gun violence prevention. No family or neighborhood should ever feel the pain of losing someone to gun violence, but it happens all too frequently in our city. PHL NGP is committed to working with the Governor, Mayor Kenney, and City Council, our schools, our hospitals, and our neighborhood leaders to see an end to gun violence in Philadelphia.

When we all work together, we can cultivate an environment in Philadelphia where every neighborhood is given an equal chance to succeed.

Thank you,

Rob Wonderling is President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.