Pennsylvania has only about 15,000 EV’s registered, a tiny fraction of the roughly 8 million vehicles in the state. A big reason, according to consumers, is the uncertainty of finding a charging station when out on the open road.

Reducing emissions from our transportation system is one of the most significant air quality challenges facing Pennsylvania. To support our transition towards zero-emission and low-emission vehicles, we must build-out the infrastructure necessary to support the next generation of transportation options.

Our ever growing Grow PA coalition believes promoting the development of electric vehicle transportation infrastructure is a good idea. A BIG idea.

That’s why we are supporting Senate Bill 596 the Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act introduced by Senator Bob Mensch. The bill encourages the build-out of this new infrastructure and other alternative fuel technologies in the Commonwealth. It already passed the Senate, and is now awaiting action in the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee.

The measure would:

  • Establish a state goal of increasing electrification by at least 50 percent over currently forecasted levels by 2030
  • Require the development of regional electrification infrastructure frameworks for our metropolitan areas
  • Direct electric utilities to develop infrastructure implementation plans to support the development of these networks under PA PUC oversight
  • Direct the Governor to submit recommendations to the Legislature and PUC on strategies to promote other clean transportation options, including CNG and hydrogen

We urge you to contact your legislator to express support for the Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act.