Last month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Adelphia Gateway project, which will largely repurpose existing infrastructure to provide residents and businesses in our region with additional access to affordable natural gas. The FERC process is designed to determine public convenience and necessity for the construction or extension of natural gas infrastructure. As part of the application review, FERC evaluates a variety of factors, such as market demand, environmental impact, and safety.

The Chamber has long championed the Adelphia Gateway pipeline project submitting a number of letters of support. The natural gas supply delivered by the Adelphia Gateway pipeline is estimated to provide economic benefits to our region of approximately $677 million spanning its first 15 years in service. With this new access to low-cost energy, our region’s businesses will experience savings that will help them reinvest in their operations — hiring more employees and spending locally.

Paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark is already set to reap the benefits of this the project. Because the Adelphia Gateway pipeline will provide new access for Kimberly-Clark, which announced last year that it would invest $150 million to transition its Delaware County facility from coal to clean-burning natural gas, the company will be able to reduce its emissions by 50 percent and retain the 600-person operation in Delaware County. The Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT) and Select Greater Philadelphia Council have each played a role in collaborating with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Delaware County officials to convene regional utilities, New Jersey Resources and PECO, to secure this investment.

The Adelphia Gateway project demonstrates that, as we grow our economy, we can simultaneously further our environmental gains. The approval of this project is a critical step forward for our region. We applaud our GPEAT members New Jersey Resources and PECO for their efforts to provide clean, affordable energy to Greater Philadelphia.