On November 26, 2019, over 100 business and civic leaders convened at City Hall to present the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project’s (NGP) Inclusive Growth agenda to Philadelphia City Council.

NGP is a long-term initiative that advocates for inclusive growth for all neighborhoods. In order to achieve this, we must create good jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. Adding jobs is not just the best way to significantly reduce our city’s poverty — it’s the only way.

Over the course of the hearing, five panels of business and civic leaders provided testimony about the need for growth and discussion around NGP’s four policy pillars:

  • Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs
  • Education and Workforce Modernization
  • Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Putting People First at City Hall

Read the full testimony provided by each panel below and to learn how the business community is working to address the city’s poverty rate through policies and programs that support neighborhoods. A special thanks to City Council’s Commerce and Economic Development Committee for hearing our testimony: Councilmembers Curtis Jones, Jr., Cherelle Parker, Jannie L. Blackwell, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Kenyatta Johnson, Allan Domb, Al Taubenberger, Derek Green, and David Oh.

“The purpose of today’s hearing is to focus on what neighborhoods actually need — not a top down plan, but a grassroots up plan that begins to address Philadelphia’s biggest challenges: poverty and lack of jobs.” — Rob Wonderling, President & CEO, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

The Need for Growth


Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs

A special thanks to our partners for underlining the importance of Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs:

Thank you to Sharmain Matlock-Turner of the Urban Affairs Coalition for also submitting testimony.


Education and Workforce Modernization


Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods


Putting People First in City Hall

A special thanks to our partners for underlining the importance of Putting People First at City Hall:

Thank you to Anna Shipp of the Sustainable Business Network for also submitting testimony.


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