Today, Philadelphia City Council held a hearing with neighborhood businesses and civic organizations highlighting the Chamber’s PHL Neighborhood Growth Project initiative (NGP). NGP focuses on inclusive, neighborhood-level growth built around the recognition that addressing the city’s deep poverty won’t be accomplished through a single program or policy, but will take a coordinated, broad effort across government, businesses, and community leaders.

This spring, the Chamber and its allies — including the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ, & DE, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of civic and business leaders from across the city — announced the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, a long-term initiative building on the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s Roadmap for Growth.

The four major focus areas of the NGP platform include:

  • Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs
  • Education and Workforce Modernization
  • Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Putting People First at City Hall

“Philadelphia is in the midst of a renaissance that began 30 years ago, its skyline is filled with cranes and downtown buildings with new residents and workers, and the city is winning accolades for its quality of life. But as the Chamber found in the first of its Council District-by-Council District analysis of key measures of strength and stability, the city’s prosperity isn’t shared across neighborhoods,” said Rob Wonderling, President and CEO, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. He continued, “The purpose of today’s hearing is to focus on what neighborhoods actually need — not a top down plan, but a grassroots up plan that begins to address Philadelphia’s biggest challenges: poverty and lack of jobs.”

Speaking on behalf of NGP are the following members:

Panel 1: The Need for Growth

  • Steven Bradley, African American Chamber of Commerce for PA, NJ, & DE
  • Sylvie Gallier Howard, City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Nick Shenoy, Asian American Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
  • Zach Wilcha, Independence Business Alliance
  • Rob Wonderling, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

Panel 2: Inclusive Growth and Good Jobs

  • John Grady, PIDC
  • Paul Mason, David Mason + Associates
  • Ashley Putnam, Federal Reserve Bank
  • David Sims, Eatible Delights
  • Shalimar Thomas, North Broad Renaissance

 Panel 3: Education and Workforce Modernization

  • Hassan Charles, Year Up Philadelphia
  • Mike Dershowitz, Fair Trade Outsourcing
  • Jordan P. Ferrarini, Trades for a Difference
  • Lou Rodriguez, Rodriguez Consulting
  • Bill Stockwell, Stockwell Elastomerics

Panel 4: Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

  • Hector Ayala, Hispanic Community Counseling
  • Peter Hotz, Vybe Urgent Care
  • Michael O’Bryan, Lindy Fellow
  • Alonzo South, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Panel 5: Putting People First in City Hall

  • Pat Christmas, Committee of Seventy
  • Joan Waters, COFCO Furniture

Media Contact:

Liz Ferry