The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Dear Friend,

Last week, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia CEO Rob Wonderling represented our coalition at the 18th Annual Building Industry Association Conference to discuss growth in our city and how we can continue to foster inclusive growth in every neighborhood. 

For us, jobs are the key to building stronger neighborhoods and are the foundation of any credible plan to help reduce the city’s too-high poverty rate. And we are dedicated to working with City Hall, the business community, and neighborhood leaders to find and create the right solutions each neighborhood needs to thrive. 

18th Annual Builders Conference

Some neighborhoods need cleaner streets with more trees and less crime. Some neighborhood businesses need clearer rules and regulations that are easy to follow and applied fairly. Some need more clarity and transparency from local government. Others need stronger education funding to prepare residents for 21st-century jobs. 

But one thing we can all agree will help every neighborhood — jobs. 

Together, we can create the inclusive prosperity our city needs to thrive.

Thank you,

PHL Neighborhood Growth Project