The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, Philadelphia City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart released new analysis that found “Reducing gun violence in Philadelphia could translate into millions of dollars more in property value and tax revenue.” This new report brings additional focus onto what the true costs of gun violence are to a community – gun violence robs people of their lives, it robs families of loved ones and providers, and it robs the city of needed tax revenues and economic opportunity for its residents.

If Philadelphia is going to reduce its poverty rate — the highest among the nation’s big cities — it needs to reduce neighborhood violence.

That’s why improving public safety was a pillar of the Inclusive Growth Agenda the Chamber of Commerce and its allies announced this spring as part of the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project.  The PHL Neighborhood Growth Project is built around a recognition that addressing the city’s deep poverty won’t be accomplished through a single program or policy, but will take a coordinated, broad effort across government, businesses and community leaders and require improving public education, neighborhood safety, and job training.

The Chamber of Commerce and its allies — the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ, & DE, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of businesses and neighborhood leaders across the city — are committed to fostering inclusive, neighborhood-focused growth, and will continue to work with the city government to find real solutions to the violence and gun crime that plague too many neighborhoods.

Thank you,

PHL Neighborhood Growth Project