Reducing emissions from our transportation system is one of the most significant air quality challenges facing Pennsylvania. To support our transition towards zero-emission and low-emission vehicles, we must build out the infrastructure necessary to support the next generation of transportation options.

Senate Bill 596, also known as the Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act introduced by Senator Mensch, promotes the development of electric vehicle transportation infrastructure and other alternative fuel technologies in the Commonwealth.

Passing the Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act will:

  • Increase the use of PA-based electric generation and other clean fuels to meet with state’s transportation needs
  • Promote economic growth and job creation by encouraging private investment in cars, buses, and equipment that PA businesses are helping to develop
  • Protect customers in PA’s rural areas and smaller cities from subsidizing the development of infrastructure in the state’s metropolitan areas
  • Assist regions across the state in meeting Clean Air Act air quality targets
  • Support customer vehicle choice by providing strategically located access to charging to enable Pennsylvanians to purchase EVs without “range anxiety”
  • Address the electrification of public transit and medium and heavy-duty commercial fleets
  • Encourage efficient use of the electric grid by incentivizing charging during off-peak hours
  • Require extensive transportation sector coordination and regulatory review of any proposed utility EV infrastructure investments
  • Position PA for leadership as changes that are already underway across the transportation industry continue to unfold

We need your help. Contact your legislators and urge them to support clean transportation in the Commonwealth.