The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Dear Friend,

The jobs of today don’t always look like the jobs many of us grew up dreaming of having. There are more opportunities for computer programmers, graphic designers, and information technologists than ever before. But our education and workforce development systems aren’t set up to give our students the competitive advantage for these types of 21st-century jobs.

If we begin to think differently, we can change these systems and ensure our young people thrive in the modern economy. 

A strong public education system that is adequately funded can provide the digital and technical training and skills our residents need to produce a competitive, world-class workforce. A workforce that will continue to attract and retain businesses and promote entrepreneurship in our city.

Join the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia on Wednesday, October 23 for an honest dialogue about how we can mobilize schools and incentivize businesses to train the next generation of our workforce to think differently and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. 

When we all come together to ensure our youth are supported and given the right tools and opportunities to thrive, we will create a shared prosperity for all Philadelphians.

Thank you,
Yvette Núñez

Yvette Núñez is the Vice President of Civic Affairs at the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia and a coalition member of PHL Neighborhood Growth Project.