The following communication was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Philadelphia is losing millennials at an alarming rate.

In a new report out by Drexel University’s Philadelphia Fellow, Richard Florida explores the roadblocks to all Philadelphia neighborhoods sharing in the prosperity of Center City. One of the things Florida identifies is our quickly declining millennial population.

Quote from article: "A downward millennial trend — Philly's millennial population growth fell from number one to number 80 of the nation's 350 or so metro areas."

In his report and findings, Florida calls on our government officials, neighborhood leaders, and the business community to address this issue and find ways to create a shared prosperity. The PHL Neighborhood Growth Project’s Inclusive Growth Agenda has solutions ready:

We recommend,
The creation of a Neighborhood Renaissance Fund.

A “Neighborhood Renaissance Fund” (NRF) will support the ongoing clean-up and greenscaping of our city, an increase in job opportunities and entrepreneurial activity in underserved neighborhoods, the creation and implementation of smart policies to reduce crime and connect citizens with public safety officers, and so much more.

We must invest in,
Hands-on training for 21st-century jobs.

We must provide our students and young people the digital skills and technical training they need to succeed in today’s modern economy. Expanding partnerships with universities, technical colleges, training centers, and the city’s Millennial Advisory Committee will give our students the tools they need to succeed and connect them to jobs and opportunities while fostering pride in our city.

To put it simply:

We have solutions to ensure every neighborhood in Philadelphia thrives and takes part in our shared prosperity. And we are ready to work with our local government, neighborhood leaders, and the business community to make it happen.