The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.

Dear Friend,

The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce wants to be part of a united effort focused on creating equitable development throughout the entire city. Particularly in neighborhoods outside of Center City that have not had as much attention paid to them in the past. That’s why we joined the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project.

Policies that foster a strong business environment, such as the Business Owner’s Bill of Rights, will incentivize our commercial corridors, improve overall business development, and enhance ongoing mentorship programs. But in order to enact these types of policies, we need a City Hall that puts people first.

GPHCC is proud to take part in the NGP Council Connectors program to have an increased presence in City Hall to build deeper relationships with our local government. Council Connectors brings together business and community leaders with our elected officials to ensure City Council is listening to the people and creating solutions our neighborhoods actually need.

At our upcoming event, The State of Hispanic Business, we will discuss the intersection of entrepreneurship and poverty in our city. We must continue to find and create solutions for the challenges all businesses – minority and otherwise – face in starting, growing, and thriving. We invite the full PHL Neighborhood Growth Project coalition to be a part of this important discussion.

Through programs like the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, the business community has a stronger voice to be heard and will help enact lasting solutions to bring an inclusive prosperity to all neighborhoods in our city.

Thank you,
Jennifer Rodriguez
President & CEO, Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce