Guest commentator: Mike Novak, Managing Director, Lunova Group @Lunova_Group

How can employers boost their recruitment strategies to attract top candidates?

For almost all organizations, the value of your business truly is your people, and so bringing in great new talent isn’t just a component of your success: it by and large determines your success. So why do so many employers struggle with what should be core to their business and how can you elevate your recruiting strategy to keep up?

Here’s how best-in-class recruiting organizations do it:

Get the Basics Right.

Too many organizations look for that “next-level strategy” when they’re not even doing the fundamentals well. Are you being broad enough in your search definition or only looking for “purple squirrels”? Are you promptly following up with candidates, both after they apply and during the interview and hiring process? Is the total compensation for the role aligned with the market? Get the basics right first and then can you start thinking about how to beat the competition with a “sexy” new strategy.

Interviewing is a Two-Way Street.

Often employers are focused solely on what matters to them throughout the interview process without paying attention to what the candidate needs out of it. It’s important to keep in mind that candidates are also evaluating you throughout the process, and therefore the candidate experience is critical. The best candidates will have lots of offers to choose from, so make sure you spend as much time evaluating the candidate as you do exciting the candidate about your organization and the role.

Recruiting Never Stops.

Remember that famous line from Glengarry Glen Recruiter? A-B-R: Always Be Recruiting! All kidding aside, recruiting doesn’t start only once you have an open role. You need to continually attract potential candidates to your business and your brand and if you wait to start recruiting until the moment you have a need, you’re already too late.

Develop a Strategy.

What’s your employer brand? Is your online presence attracting employees? Have you mapped out your industry to understand where the talent is? Do you want a recruiting function in-house or do you want to outsource it? The answer to these important questions is going to depend on your business’ maturity, size, industry, and other factors, and so there isn’t one right answer. But you should know the answer for your organization and develop a strategy accordingly to ensure you have the top talent you need when you need it.

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