Guest Commentator: Mark Longo, Director, ELEC 825 @ELEC825

How can regional energy employers and stakeholders support a diverse energy mix, including a feasible transition to renewables and the use of natural gas pipelines?

If we embrace the role clean natural gas can play as our bridge fuel while we develop the energy sources of the future, we can reduce emissions and grow the economy in ways never seen before.

However, we cannot allow good intentions and symbolic wins to distract us from meaningful progress. New Jersey cannot fight climate change alone.

Over the past decade, clean natural gas has played a critical role in lowering carbon emissions and reducing energy costs for residents. As we transition to a renewable energy-led future, we must ensure that sustainable policies are in place to balance affordability and reliability for our economy in the immediate term.

There is simply no way to responsibly reduce emissions and keep energy prices affordable without natural gas and the infrastructure that brings it to our homes and businesses. Expanding our existing energy infrastructure with pipelines in particular will reduce costs for consumers, increase economic benefits, and provide sorely-needed reliability and redundancy in the system. In fact, some New Jersey energy companies even filed a rate case to reduce the cost to consumers on clean natural gas because of the abundance available on the market.

We do not presently have the infrastructure in place to move the additional gas. Doing so would mean creating thousands of jobs and pumping millions in economic activity back into the economy while simultaneously building solar and wind systems, transmission lines, and other infrastructure to assist with a smooth energy transition.

Operating Engineers are the men and women that have powered innovation and change throughout history, constructing and operating everything from steam engines to powerplants and pipelines to future offshore wind farms. Simply put, we build the future. We have long advocated for a cleaner, more affordable, and diverse energy mix for the residents of New Jersey.

We share our state leaders and policymakers’ goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change – and we want to make sure we have an actionable and realistic plan to get there. It is our hope that the business community, regional energy users, and other stakeholders join in this conversation and build a better region together.

ELEC 825 is a member of the Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT), a consortium of 180+ business, public sector, labor, and academic leaders working together to further our vision of an advanced, affordable, diversified, low carbon energy economy.

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