The following letter was sent by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to neighborhood, business, and civic leaders.


Too many of our family members, friends, and neighbors feel the effects of gun violence in Philadelphia. In a city that has experienced up to 19 shootings in a single weekend, we have to do more to prevent gun violence and protect our neighborhoods and families.

Gun violence isn’t just a political issue. It’s a public safety and a public health issue. Gun violence affects us all, and we all must come together to find common-sense solutions to make our neighborhoods safer.

We need gun violence prevention now

There is no one magic law or program that will bring an end to gun violence in our city. Instead, we must address its root cause and find the right mix of tools, services, and programs to best serve our neighborhoods. This means investing in neighborhood and gang violence intervention, judicial Red Flag efforts that temporarily remove firearms from households with individuals in crisis or domestic violence incidents, gun buybacks or amnesty programs, expanded drug treatment, and smart-on-crime approaches to community policing.

But we know these aren’t the only solutions that could work. Share the image above now and tell us how you’d like to see Philadelphia invest in gun violence prevention.

Together, we can keep our neighborhoods safe.

Thank you,

Yvette Núñez

Yvette is the Vice President of Civic Affairs at the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia and a coalition member of PHL Neighborhood Growth Project.