Guest Commentator: Walter Meisner, Senior Business Developer, Avangrid Renewables @AvangridRen

Why now more than ever can companies, utilities, and governments take advantage of renewable energy?

A comment I hear quite often is that renewable energy is for the ideological, for those who only care about climate change, or have some need to be “green.”  These viewpoints may have had their place in times past, but renewable energy is unquestionably mainstream, creating jobs, investing in American communities from coast to coast, and continuously innovating, all while delivering a powerful visual of high tech solar panels or majestic wind turbines.

With technology advances and industry experience, costs are competitive. Solar technology and installation costs continue to drop, and the emerging offshore wind industry in the US will unlock additional incredible energy production potential for the foreseeable future.

As the diversity of companies purchasing renewable energy demonstrates, from large manufacturers, consumer products retailers, apparel, and tech, to name a few, the industry has had to offer competitive, customizable products to serve a variety of customers.  Renewable energy products now offered can be as diverse and customizable to meet customer needs and goals as imaginable. Products can be tailored to fit a corporation seeking sustainability and meet carbon target goals or to power a particular facility, a government pledging to battle climate change, or utilities seeking price certainty for long term.

Along with this broader spectrum of products available, current prices are as attractive as they have ever been, driven in part by competitive market demand. The country is undergoing a transformational change in how we generate and use energy; customers want cleaner energy that is reliable and affordable. Now is a perfect time to be a renewable energy leader.

Avangrid Renewables is a member of the Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT), a consortium of 180+ business, public sector, labor and academic leaders working together to further our vision of an advanced, affordable, diversified, low carbon energy economy.