Guest Commentator: Trevor Prichett, CEO, Yards Brewing Company @YardsBrew

How does hands-on training for 21st century jobs boost Philadelphia’s competitiveness and promote inclusive growth?

At Yards Brewing Company, we believe in the simple things. Work hard every day. Have fun. And give back.

That’s why for the last 25 years, we have been dedicated to making Philadelphia a safe, fun, and inclusive place to live and work.

Recently, we had a choice to make. Grow in Philadelphia, or move Yards into a new city that would support our business with additional tax incentives that would immediately, and positively, impact our bottom line.

But we chose to stay right in Philadelphia — because we know this community has our backs and we have theirs.

Yards is dedicated to hiring and training highly-skilled workers. Many students are not going on to college after high school, and we are pleased to offer skills and technical training to our employees to help them prepare to thrive in a modern workforce.

Join us today in calling on Philadelphia to expand existing partnerships to increase opportunities that provide young people with career and technical education, associate degree programs, and private technical training options. Add your name now!

The Yards “Brew Unto Others” motto reflects our commitment to quality, community, and sustainability, and we’re ready to join in the honest conversation about how to achieve all these things and make Philadelphia a shining city on the hill.

Yards Brewing Company is a coalition partner of the Chamber’s PHL Neighborhood Growth Project. Building on the Chamber’s Roadmap for Growth initiative, the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project seeks to engage community leaders, voters, and candidates in honest dialogue about the challenges facing the City of Philadelphia and advocate for an inclusive, pro-growth agenda as being key to needed solutions.