Guest Commentator: Meredith McCarthy, Cross Center Services Manager, Educational Data Systems, Inc. @EDSI_Solutions

What tips do you have for middle market businesses to better their company culture?

In my time with Educational Data Systems, Inc. (EDSI), I’ve often been asked, “What makes you stay with your company?” and my answers always revolve around leadership, colleagues, trust, support, and feeling valued. All these answers have a common theme: company culture! The culture a company nurtures, and that each of their representatives takes ownership of is becoming more and more of a driving force behind talent attraction, employee engagement, and retention. Heather Huisken, Talent Consultant for EDSI, shares that “to really make your company a ‘destination employer,’ you must carefully craft every aspect of the employee experience – leadership, environment, operations, communication, technology, and culture – to correlate with your employer brand.”

EDSI’s core values are show up, smile, and support, and these three values are embodied in every aspect of how EDSI operates as a middle market business. Whether it’s annual culture surveys whose results are shared with the entire company, the concept of servant leadership, hiring without a probation period, or operational approaches that are geared toward curiosity, EDSI’s core values uphold a company culture that can be identified in many aspects of the business.

If you are a middle market business seeking to grow your workforce and retain top talent, consider checking in on your culture. Are you creating new opportunities that support the company’s vision and values? Are you hiring talent that fits into that culture? Do you provide opportunities for employees to share their feedback and ensure the culture is not just words on a wall, but something that employees recognize and appreciate?

Educational Data Systems, Inc. is a member company of the Chamber’s Middle Market Action Team (MMAT), a consortium of leaders driving rapid growth in companies with annual revenues between $10M & $1B through targeted programs and strategies.

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