Guest Commentator: Representative Bryan Cutler, House Majority Leader, 100th Legislative District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

The Path to Prosperity

As I travel to different parts of our Commonwealth and talk with residents, job creators, educators and community leaders, I am always left with an optimistic outlook for what Pennsylvania can become. The resources surrounding all of us, both in the form of those naturally occurring and in the friends and neighbors working to take our state into the future, we have so much of what it will take to grow Pennsylvania into a world-wide leader in so many areas of life. That’s why I’m so pleased to be a part of the Grow PA initiative to further help our Commonwealth grow its population, jobs, and economy.

Reaching our full potential won’t come without challenges. Many of the things that make this such a wonderful place to call home are also why we face one of the largest aging populations in the nation. We owe it to every older Pennsylvanian to ensure the state has their best interests at heart, and that all of us have the same security in place when we reach similar “milestones” in our own lives. To match the increasing costs associated with that growth, the Legislature and Gov. Tom Wolf must work to increase economic opportunities across the Commonwealth – not just attracting new business from other states but allowing our own residents the best opportunities to grow family-sustaining jobs here at home.

We have already started on that path this session, promoting and passing a number of workforce development initiatives. Our state currently has more job openings than people qualified to fill them, and most of those openings do not require a traditional four-year degree. However, they do require specialized training and expertise – the kind of training that we are working to make sure every Pennsylvanian can access, because where you start your life should not pre-determine your ability to succeed.

Beyond a vision for education and job training, we want to help Pennsylvanians grow by reducing what government asks from residents. The federal government’s move to reduce taxes has proven to be the right move and we are seeing growth nationally in a variety of sectors of our economy. We can do the same in Pennsylvania and in return, allow all taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money at home and invest in growing their own version of the American dream.

I see it in every county I visit, in the largest cities and smallest towns – Pennsylvanians working to make their own homes and communities a little better than they found it. In the long run, we will all see a brighter and stronger Pennsylvania. I hope you will join us in that path to success.

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