Guest Commentator: Julia M. Thompson-Calio, HR Manager, Baker Tilly @BakerTillyUS

What are creative examples of talent retention strategies that businesses can easily implement with a high ROI?

The nature of work is changing and employees are looking for more work-life balance. In an effort to support the desire for greater flexibility in the workplace, Baker Tilly launched “Dress for Your Day” firmwide in 2016 after successfully piloting the initiative in the Tysons Corner office. “Dress for Your Day” represents a more flexible approach to workplace attire policies. The intent is to give team members choices in what they can wear to work based on where and with whom they will be working. For instance, if their day involves client-facing meetings, then the team member’s attire should align with the client’s (usually either business professional or business casual). If the team member isn’t client-facing on a given day, it’s acceptable for them to wear jeans to the office. For internal client servers, such as our administrative team members and marketing and human resources professionals, they are trusted to use their best judgement based on their daily schedules.

Photos and guidelines accompany the “Dress for Your Day” policy to ensure that everyone is clear on expectations, particularly new employees who may be recent college graduates or coming from a company with a different dress code. For instance, the guidelines ask team members to refrain from wearing shorts, sweatpants, frayed jeans, and hats. One piece of advice that’s often shared with new hires is “Choose a shirt and shoes that you would wear with dress pants, and swap the dress pants out for jeans.”

Baker Tilly’s innovative people policies, such as Dress for your Day, are designed to build trust, manage work-life stress, and make the workplace fun, engaging, welcoming, and productive. Overall, the goal of these flexible policies is to encourage balance in all of life’s priorities and help Baker Tilly team members be happier and more productive.

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