On February 4th, advocates from across the Commonwealth gathered at the Capitol to brief lawmakers on Grow PA’s legislative priorities. Advocates urged lawmakers to address Pennsylvania’s stagnant population, shrinking workforce and underperforming economy by modernizing all facets of our infrastructure, accelerating health care innovation; and transforming our post-secondary institutions.

Dave Black, President of Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC emphasized the need to address disparities in our state’s broadband network. “Broadband access is as vital as roads in connecting Pennsylvanians to our modern economy. It is also a millennial recruitment and retention strategy.”

Vern Squier, President of Centre County Chamber of Commerce, explained the need to bolster health care innovation in the Commonwealth, “We must cultivate our health care system and accelerate innovation to grow our economy and improve the collective health of all Pennsylvanians.”

Guy Ciarrocchi, President of Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, discussed the need to better align our post-secondary system to our state’s workforce demands. “A constant theme throughout our statewide conversations calls for a better alignment of the state’s workforce with the shifts in our economy by transforming our post-secondary system in the Commonwealth. So, we can solve the age-old challenge of —people without jobs and jobs without people.”

Beginning in the Spring, Grow PA will launch its agenda for growth and gather its coalition to advocate on behalf of its legislative priorities in Harrisburg. Throughout the session, Grow PA, will identify bills that align with its priorities and support lawmakers by leveraging its coalition of advocates from across the state to advance legislation.

Chris Franklin, CEO of Aqua, points out, “Most importantly, Grow PA wants to work with you to advance your agenda to Grow Pennsylvania.”

We encourage you to join us and take action to help grow our state.

Over the last year, Grow PA has gathered advocates from across the state in the effort to develop a legislative agenda focused around three pillars, working to: modernize all facets of our infrastructure, accelerate health care innovation, and transform post-secondary education. Learn more at Grow-PA.com. 

Upcoming Event

Pennsylvania Legislative Reception

Monday, April 29 | 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. | Harrisburg, PA

Together with business leaders representing organizations and companies from across the state, we will honor members of the General Assembly and executive branch of the Pennsylvania state government. The reception will be preceded by a seminar featuring remarks by high-level state government officials. This year’s seminar will focus on topics relevant to Grow PA, a statewide initiative to grow Pennsylvania’s population, jobs and economy. Attendees will receive a copy of Grow PA’s Driving Growth in the Keystone State: 2019 – 2020 Legislative Priorities.