Since welcoming new Co-Chairs John Walsh, President & CEO of UGI Corporation, and Craig White, President & CEO of Philadelphia Gas Works, the Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT) has broadened its vision for Greater Philadelphia to include all forms of energy production. As methods for energy production change, promoting energy diversity will prove a necessary step in strengthening the city’s energy economy. The new vision now encompasses renewable options and emerging technologies, with a continued emphasis on nuclear energy and natural gas as the backbone of the region’s energy economy. The primary purpose of GPEAT remains: benefit the families and businesses of Greater Philadelphia by harnessing its energy potential and promoting an advanced, affordable, diversified, and low carbon energy economy.

This year, GPEAT has hosted a number of programs in support of its new goals to support new technologies, promote energy diversity, encourage natural gas use, and drive economic development. This past summer’s program Power Play: Solutions for Long-Term Sustainability focused on technology’s role in transforming our way of life and the way we utilize energy. The fall energy program tackled yet another issue while looking at the future of energy in the region. The discussion at Energy Evolution: How Industry and Consumers Affect our Energy Mix, emphasized the ways in which renewable energy has changed and continues to change, the playing field for power generation and energy production in the region. With the approach of GPEAT’s forthcoming spring program, expect to join the continued conversation on the ever-changing energy landscape of the region.

Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team Priorities:

  • Support implementation of new technologies that integrate clean energy and improve efficiencies and promote investments in existing grid and gas pipeline systems to increase reliability and resilience.
  • Promote energy diversity by sustaining existing zero emission resources such as nuclear and hydropower assets and supporting further development of renewable energy sources.
  • Encourage natural gas use in the region as an affordable and reliable alternative to displace higher emissions resources.
  • Drive economic development by leveraging the region’s energy assets to target and attract energy-intensive manufacturing to southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the region.


The Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT) is a consortium of 180+ business, public sector, labor and academic leaders committed to delivering an aligned set of energy solutions that will benefit the current families and businesses living and operating in Greater Philadelphia while attracting new development and growth opportunities. GPEAT is working to link Greater Philadelphia’s existing energy assets with renewables and innovative technologies to further our vision of an advanced, affordable, diversified, low carbon energy economy.