Guest Commentator: Marquis Upshur, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Resources, PIDC @PIDCphila

How can organizations leverage creative benefits to engage and retain young talent?

As one of Philadelphia’s premier employers, PIDC’s core mission has been to spur investment, support business growth, foster developments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia. With a 60-year history and roots firmly planted in Philadelphia, PIDC’s management team works to attract and retain diverse talent from every corner of Philadelphia.

In recent years, PIDC’s leadership has seen Philadelphia’s population of highly skilled workers grow at a faster rate than expected. In fact, Philadelphia has become home to thousands of highly skilled workers who are flocking to Philadelphia at faster rates than Boston or San José. As one might suggest, Philadelphia’s strong base of academic institutions plays a pivotal role in the increase of highly skilled workers available in the marketplace.

Reinforcing the need to both attract and retain top talent, leadership at PIDC sought guidance from a published resource guide created by The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, 10 Ways to Retain Young Talent. As a trusted resource, this guide has been instrumental in helping PIDC’s leadership foster positive internal change by inspiring creative thinking around talent attraction and retention. This guide has also encouraged leadership at PIDC to look at new ways of building an inclusive workplace culture that speaks to the diverse needs of a multi-generational workforce.

In today’s thriving marketplace, attracting and retaining good employees is a top priority in both large and small organizations. In fact, it is the biggest concern of nearly one-half of today’s CEOs, according to a study by the executive recruiting firm Transearch. At PIDC, we continue to see this challenge and have stood out from peer organizations by developing and implementing a creative benefits strategy and plan that focuses on providing choices and value to all employees – including young talent.

Offering a robust, creative benefits package has provided PIDC with a competitive advantage in the fight for talent, and while there are many components that make a package enticing, a comprehensive wellness program has been a big differentiator for us as an organization. We have learned first-hand that when wellness is woven into the foundation of an organization’s culture, employees feel that their well-being is important to the organization’s leaders and they become more productive and engaged. One of PIDC’s wellness partners, On the Goga, has been instrumental in helping the organization’s leadership build a culture of inclusion and happiness through wellness programming.

As PIDC’s wellness partner, On the Goga, believes that wellness is the cornerstone for professional, organizational, and personal development. They also believe that anyone can cultivate a lifestyle of wellness that matches their unique values and that there is only one way to cultivate enduring habits of wellness: practice. That is why all of On the Goga’s wellness programs are designed to teach relatable, real-world skills that can be instantly implemented into an individual and organization’s daily routine.

The Harvard Business Review found that the single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce — and leaders at PIDC are recognizing the value of building a culture of happiness through wellness programming. From monthly community wellness lunches to in-office nutrition counseling, leaders at PIDC have employed creative talent retention methods to standout from industry peers. In partnership with On the Goga, the work we do together in support of our employees is an “internal impact investment” and management at PIDC is starting to see the rewards of impact investing internally through greater retention of staff overall.

PIDC is a member of the Chamber’s Education & Talent Action Team, a group of 140+ Chamber members focused on creating clear pathways for the alignment between individuals and employers to assure that we are training and engaging the region’s current and future leaders.

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