We caught up with this year’s Strategic Growth Excellence of the Year honoree to see how the Philadelphia business community has contributed to their success. Check out what Nikos Papadopoulos, President, Colonial Marble & Granite has to say as we highlight one of the excellent small businesses that drives the Greater Philadelphia region. Join us to celebrate the 36th Annual Excellence Award winners on Thursday, November 8.

Strategic Growth Excellence of the Year Honoree

Where did the idea for your business come from?

Coming from a big family, many of our most memorable moments have come spending time together in the home, especially the kitchen. We were inspired to help people experience more of these moments for themselves. We decided to bring our considerable service industry experience to the marble business and expand into other home services, all to make it easier for others to live beautifully in their homes.

Describe the moment that you decided to go into business for yourself.

I’ve worked with my family for my whole life, so it was only natural when the time came to start our business that it be a family affair. I partnered with my father, we started from scratch, and the rest is history.

Who has been an inspiration to you as a business owner and why?

My parents. My father started his own business at age 18 and made it a success. Growing up I got to see firsthand what it takes—the effort, responsibility, and the sacrifice. That has served me immensely over the years as the prime example in doing things the right way.

What makes your business model special?

A big component of living beautifully is ease. That’s why we simplify everything we do. We take great care to provide completely transparent pricing and ensure the best customer experience from start to finish. We introduced the Customized Pricing Worksheet which allows customers to access our unparalleled slab yard, and better understand the cost of their job based on their own specifications. Combined with our all-inclusive package options, we’re able to take what some see as an unattainable luxury and make it possible.

Others will be looking to you for advice about starting and/or operating a business here. What are your top 3 tips?

  1. Create a family culture in your business.
  2. Respect everyone in your organization, regardless of authority.
  3. Follow your vision and see it through.

What are your strategic growth plans for the next 3-5 years?

From countertops, to home generators, to custom windows and doors, to smart home services, we’ve taken pride in making it possible for our customers to live beautifully. As we further simplify our process for our customers, we look forward to continuing to expand our service offerings, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and grow through glowing word-of-mouth recommendations.

What’s something that you think would surprise people about your business?

We not only have the largest indoor slab yard in the nation with over 5,000 slabs in over 500 colors, we also have the country’s largest inventory. We source natural stones from around the globe and hand-select for the utmost in quality and uniqueness. So that when our customers walk the aisles of our gallery, they’re able to pick their own individual slab—the exact stone that will end up in their home.

Be sure to grab your tickets to help celebrate Nikos and his team as the Strategic Growth Excellence of the Year honoree at the 36th Annual Excellence Awards on Thursday, November 8.