With thousands of member companies, the Chamber is home to an abundance of professionals with expertise in a variety of fields. Chamber Member companies employ knowledgeable and engaging professionals who are ready to share their expertise at upcoming speaking opportunities.

As an employee of a Chamber member company, you have the opportunity to be featured in the Chamber’s speaker directory in the From Our Members section of ChamberPHL.com. Follow the steps below to create or update your speaker profile.

1. Log in to your member portal at: ChamberPHL.com/Login.

2. From the portal homepage, navigate to the Speaker section of your account.

3. Add the details

Add information about your expertise, how you will benefit the audience, your LinkedIn profile and more.

Member Login

4. To view your public profile, visit ChamberPHL.com and select the From Our Members tab in the upper left corner.

5. Find your profile by scrolling through the alphabetically organized list or by entering your name or another keyword found in your profile in the search box.

Member Login

Contact your Member Engagement representative with any questions or concerns.