Submitted by: Patrick Rife, CVO, Pixilated

What’s the difference between a business and a brand? It’s the sound or voice of a business; how they look, feel and relate. Over the years at Pixilated we’ve been challenged time and again with understanding how to interpret campaign based messages for well-established brands and also how to help businesses who need to express their voice like a brand.

Pixilated has increasingly found success helping businesses and consumers relate to one another through branded experiences that exude fun and authenticity. Frequently, that relationship happens through live events; the bedrock of the Branded Activation.

Whether it’s through our work with Under Armour & Pandora Jewelry or the countless higher ed institutions we call clients our job is to help facilitate incredible experiences that carry our clients branding aesthetic, business philosophy and voice in a fun way.

It’s no longer enough to have your trade show exhibit stocked with customized pens and squeeze bottles. Having a strong brand message and leveraging a definitive brand voice is paramount to coming out on top.

The rise of social media and digital marketing, in general, has raised the bar. Consumer’s expectations of what they should be getting from the brands they support have changed immeasurably. We’ve fully arrived in the era of authentic communication.

To prepare for this next chapter we’ve invested in building our own technologies that let us power, and imagine, what the future of photo marketing & lead generation can be. As we roll out The Pixi Cloud having put in the time to build the Pixilated brand over the last six years has had a tremendous impact.

The voice we’ve spent nurturing and developing over our history as a company has come to be our greatest asset. The Pixilated brand creates new opportunities for us on a regular basis because we took the time to weave ourselves into a network and made sure they understood the values we brought to the table.