Submitted by: Jill Miller, CEO, Hello @HelloLikeaPro

Chances are you report to a CEO, vice president, or supervisor. Perhaps you don’t call all the shots or sit on a board, yet many people depend on you. Maybe you’re in a matrix organization without a team directly under you, but you still have to get results without a title – or any real authority.

Or maybe you’re a manager that wants to lead with empowerment instead of dominance.

If this expectation seems too big or too scary, there’s good reason. The word “authority” conjures up things like reprimanding, scrutinizing, and doling out performance reports. Ouch! But don’t think of these Band-Aid fixes as your only options, there are better adhesives. Strong, lasting bonds that never bruise a team’s spirit. Instead, harmony, inclusion, and long-range solutions become the primary focus.

Hello, I’m Your Manager… Coach      

If a manager acts as a