Guest Commentator: Steve Westhoven, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, New Jersey Resources @NJNaturalGas

How does expanded natural gas infrastructure help the Greater Philadelphia region?

Over the last decade, increased natural gas production in the Appalachian region has helped revolutionize the energy landscape. Yet the Northeast struggles with inadequate infrastructure to transport the abundant, low-cost natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica reserves to where it is needed most. The impact of these constrained markets is particularly hard felt in the Greater Philadelphia region, where customers bear the burden of higher and more volatile energy costs.

To help alleviate this barrier and solidify the Greater Philadelphia region’s role as a global energy hub, the Adelphia Gateway pipeline project is an important piece of the energy puzzle. Adelphia Gateway will repurpose the southern portion of an existing 84-mile pipeline to deliver clean, safe natural gas to support growing demand from commercial and residential customers. The project’s utilization of existing infrastructure will result in minimal environmental impact, including to wetlands and farmlands, while providing immense economic opportunities and job growth in manufacturing industries.

The successful conclusion of Adelphia Gateway’s binding open season with bids exceeding more than double the initial offered capacity, makes clear the need for increased supply to serve the region’s marketplace. This additional pipeline capacity will help decrease the regional market price of natural gas and benefit customers. Concentric Energy Advisors estimates the benefit for consumers in the Greater Philadelphia region over the first 15 years Adelphia Gateway is in service could reach approximately $677 million through energy market savings and related economic benefits.

In the long run, local businesses powered by natural gas, including restaurants, hotels and retail stores, will benefit from energy cost reductions, saving approximately $330 million annually. These savings help their bottom line and would not be possible without this critical infrastructure.

It is time to take every opportunity to fulfill Philadelphia’s energy renaissance and U.S. energy independence. The Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Committee understands that the growth of our industrial future depends on attracting more energy-intensive manufacturing companies to take root here and stimulate the local economy. And Adelphia Gateway will help strengthen the region and benefit customers by providing greater access to clean, sustainable, low-cost natural gas.

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New Jersey Resources is a member of the Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT), a consortium of leaders working together to establish Greater Philadelphia as an energy hub. GPEAT positions the region as an energy leader by continuing the development and utilization of natural gas, petrochemicals, renewables, electric, and nuclear power as diverse assets to an integrated low-carbon strategy while promoting energy efficiency and digitization as key technologies to their growth.

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