This article was originally published as part of the Grow PA solutions journalism project, published by and underwritten in part by The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

Here’s what the governor said at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s annual Q&A session on boosting the state’s economy.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf sat down with 6abc anchor Matt O’Donnelllast week for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’sannual Q&A. There, the governor lent some insight into Grow PA and touched on some business questions relevant to the campaign’s agenda.

The agenda concentrates on healthcare, infrastructure and higher education — three sectors that are best poised to grow the state economy and what Wolf said are “really central to a strong, healthy Commonwealth.”

The tough question, Wolf added, is figuring out where to make prudent investments in each of those sectors.

“They’re all going to have a price tag associated with them. It ain’t gonna be free,” Wolf said. “All of us in business, you’re looking for ways to do things better, more efficiently, but you also know you can’t cut half the services your customers depend on. That’s the challenge all of us have here.”

Speaking of price tags, Wolf said he was wary to make affordability the primary incentive for Amazon as the company looks at both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as possible HQ2 locations.

“When I was in business, you didn’t want sales people to sell on price,” Wolf said. “What Amazon is looking for — affordability, amenities, good education and good universities — we have those things. This is a phenomenal place