Submitted by: Continuity Insights

As so many recent events have demonstrated, every organization is vulnerable to workplace violence, regardless its size, type or location. Every organization must be aware of this risk, and every employee should understand their role in recognizing and reporting concerning behaviors.

Beyond the physical and emotional suffering from job-related violence there are substantial financial risks as well. Studies have estimated that:

  • The cost to businesses associated with workplace violence was $121 billion each year,
  • American workers lost 876,000 workdays annually due to workplace violence,
  • The average out-of-court settlement for workplace violence-related litigation was $500,000.00, while average jury awards were $3 million,
  • Homicide in the workplace is the third leading cause of death for American workers.

“Workplace violence” is defined as violence or the threat of violence against workers.  It can occur at or outside the workplace, and can range f