When Amazon announced last month that they will create a new, second headquarters in North America (HQ2), Greater Philadelphia sprung into action to respond to their RFP. Your Chamber, led by our Select Greater Philadelphia Council team, is supporting PIDC and the City of Philadelphia Commerce Department, who are leading the process to assess the opportunity, gather the data, and construct the formal response from our region.   

As this core group of leaders crafts the case to bring HQ2 to our region, the Chamber is asking our members to be part of the conversation on social media, creating a groundswell of support for this effort. Below are just a few ways Greater Philadelphia will deliver success for Amazon but we need your help to tell the story of how and what #PhillyDelivers for @amazon #HQ2.


  • With 104 colleges and universities, our region offers the most densely populated concentration of higher education institutions in the world. Each year, our colleges and universities produce nearly 90,000 graduates. Nearly 35% of our residents hold bachelor’s degrees or higher, compared with the national average of 29%, and our college graduate retention rate has grown rapidly in recent years to an all-time high of 65%. With just over 6 million residents, and a workforce of 3.1 million, Amazon will have access to talent here for their executive suite, innovation offices, distribution centers, and everywhere in between.


  • Philadelphia’s millennial growth over the past decade is the highest of any of the nation’s 30 largest cities. It’s our world-class universities combined with our favorable cost of living, quality of life, career opportunities, affordability, walkability, bike-ability, mass transit infrastructure, diversity, culture, and more that have redefined Philadelphia as a fast-growing, dynamic, creative community that is attracting and retaining young, innovative residents every day.


  • We have a booming, diverse, and highly engaged startup ecosystem with growth in EdTech, smart cities, FinTech, and more. In addition to Amazon, which already has multiple sites in this region, 25 Fortune 1,000 companies and scores of the world’s leading companies call Greater Philadelphia home. These leaders create a clustering effect, making our community the perfect home for numerous tech startups. Additionally, there are just over 65 incubators and co-working spaces providing the ingredients for innovation, collaboration, and growth.


  • Our region offers one of the most cost-effective business environments among major U.S. metropolitan areas. Wages and salaries, office and industrial rentals, and the overall business cost index are all highly favorable as compared with peer cities. And we offer competitive and attractive job creation incentives that fit perfectly with the Amazon HQ2 Project.


  • Greater Philadelphia is the gateway to the global marketplace, offering unprecedented infrastructure – which includes air, rail, water, highway, and fiber-optic – that allows easy access and distribution to national and global customers. In fact, 40% of the U.S. population is reachable within two hours, and 60% of the population in North America is reachable within one day of Greater Philadelphia. And our proximity along the East Coast provides exceptional access to the world’s financial center in New York and America’s legislative and regulatory leaders in the Washington, D.C. region.


  • There is something special about our business community that inspires a coming together rarely seen in other regions. We work together not because we have to, but because we want to, knowing that our collaborative style will produce results that benefit all. Our approach is rooted in the founding of our country and aligns well with Amazon’s Leadership Principles. We want Amazon to be part of this dynamic community.


  • Greater Philadelphia is undergoing a renaissance with development projects at The Navy Yard, Schuylkill Yards, uCity Square, Market East, King of Prussia, Camden, NJ, and downtown Wilmington, DE among other locations that are transforming our community and welcoming new employers and employees every day.


  • Greater Philadelphia is a burgeoning energy hub with access to numerous and competitive generation sources. In addition to the region’s close proximity to the nation’s largest reserve of natural gas, local electric and natural gas utilities are focused on delivering safe, reliable, clean, and affordable service for customers across the 11-county neighborhood.


  • With 7 medical schools, 3 pharmacy schools, 2 dental schools and schools for podiatry, optometry, and veterinary medicine, Greater Philadelphia is training the world’s top medical talent. We’re also keeping that talent with our 190+ hospitals, including the nation’s first, and opportunities in MedTech supported by new and innovative collaborations.


  • The cost of living here is nearly 20% less than in most major metropolitan regions. We have the lowest housing cost of large East Coast communities and one of the shortest commute times. Fueled by our rich arts and culture assets, exciting culinary scene, recreational offerings, beautiful and lively neighborhoods, and easy access to the beaches of Delaware and New Jersey and the mountains of Pennsylvania, Greater Philadelphia is recognized globally as a destination to not only visit, but also to establish and grow a business, and to live, work, play, create, innovate, and raise a family.

Help us tell @amazon what Greater Philadelphia has to offer on social media with #PhillyDelivers. An engaged business community is a critical part of a successful bid for HQ2 so please show your support from both personal and company social media accounts.

If you have specific suggestions and ideas, or any expertise to offer, please email the Chamber’s HQ2 team at AmazonHQ2PHL@ChamberPHL.com and/or provide input directly to the City of Philadelphia.