We caught up with this year’s Family-Owned Business of the Year Excellence Award winner to see how the Philadelphia business community has contributed to their success.  Check out what Flip Ferry, President & Owner of Robertson’s Flowers & Events, has to say as we highlight one of the excellent small businesses that drives the Greater Philadelphia region. Join us to celebrate the 35th Annual Excellence Award winners on Thursday, November 9 »

Robertson’s Flowers & Events has proudly offered the highest quality floral services to Philadelphia and its suburbs for over 90 years. From the gorgeous everyday arrangement to the elegant wedding, Robertson’s has upheld its reputation of excellence through its innovative, cutting-edge designs and unbeatable service. Roberton’s is headquartered on over three acres in Wyndmoor – which houses its design studio and consultation spaces – and has retail locations in Chestnut Hill and Bryn Mawr.

Flip Ferry, President & Owner of Robertson’s, had grown up working in the business since the age of 15. “I felt an enormous sense of pride in what we had become and the reputation we held throughout the region,” says Ferry.

With only one member of the third generation involved in the business, and the second generation aging and in poor health, Ferry decided it was time to prove himself with further responsibility. “I am confident I made the right decision – being able to help carry this company through a fourth and into a fifth generation is an incredible feeling.”

Ferry holds the four members of the second generation as an immense inspiration to the company and how it functions today. “Those four siblings, two brother and two sisters (one of which is my grandmother), were primarily responsible for establishing the excellent reputation that Robertson’s Flowers & Events enjoys today,” says Ferry. “These four individuals worked tirelessly for decades, seven days a week, and built a reputation for excellence in both product and customer service that remains the foundation of who we are today.”

The older generations set a high standard, and the successive generations have managed to uphold it.  When asked for the top 3 tips in operating a business in Greater Philadelphia, Ferry gave the following advice:

  1. “Focus on your customer – know them and cater to them, they are everything!
  2. Focus on setting yourself apart from the competition by being the best at providing whatever product or service you offer. Do not simply run with the crowd, stand apart.
  3. Hire people with a passion to please the customer and make sure to compensate and reward them fairly.”

Hiring people with a passion seems to be the trend at Robertson’s. Over the years, the flower boutique has hired employees from Holland, Switzerland, Lithua