As part of the William Penn Gala festivities, the Chamber along with William Penn Award recipient C.R. “Chuck” Pennoni, invited three regional high schools to participate in a K’Nex Design Challenge on Wednesday, April 19th.

Three teams of five participants (consisting of four students and one mentor/teacher/advisor) went head to head to create the most unique, environmentally friendly people mover that could travel at least four feet across the table and overcome an obstacle.

Students from 3 regional high schools competed to create an environmentally friendly people mover.

With 2.5 hours, each team was provided with 1,400 K’Nex pieces and a motor to create a model of their people mover, with explanation of how many people their vehicle could hold and how it is environmentally friendly. The teams were judged on their creativity/design, teamwork, challenge success, and presentation.