The CEO Council for Growth (CEO Council), a Council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, is committed to supporting the continued transformation of Greater Philadelphia into a global region that fosters economic growth, attracts and retains a skilled workforce, and strengthens the region’s existing industries and institutions. Investment in transportation infrastructure through specific projects of regional and national importance will help Greater Philadelphia achieve these goals and firmly place itself as a world-class region.

The future of Greater Philadelphia is bright. We are a thriving metropolitan area that offers unparalleled global access, a well-placed geographic location, an outstanding talent pool, a huge market of customers, and an incredible quality of life. In our history, we placed high importance on transportation infrastructure as a strategic economic asset and have implemented projects that were truly transformational. Still, our region is changing so quickly that new transportation investments must be made to accommodate and accelerate such outstanding development. The future of our region rests in large part on our ability to secure investments for projects that can expand the use of our multimodal nodes, highways, bridges, transit, ports, inter-city passenger rail, and international airport.

The dynamics for securing public funding have evolved into an extremely competitive contest for limited discretionary spending. Regions nationwide must be aligned and ready to compete for funding whenever it becomes available or they will risk missed opportunities. Winning regions articulate a strategic portfolio of interconnecting transportation projects with an aligned leadership voice in order to secure investments that will transform their future.

With that in mind, the CEO Council has developed a clear and succinct investment portfolio, “Connecting the Region,” which applies accepted regional principles to a benefit analysis in order to identify nine key infrastructure investments within four project portfolio areas that are the most likely to transform the region. These nine projects share common themes such as global connectivity and regional significance, with a focus on investment in innovative hotbeds that represent the future economy of our region:

  1. High-Speed Global Connections
  2. Packer Avenue Marine Terminal Landside Access
  3. Market-Frankford Line Capacity Improvements
  4. Regional Rail Core Capacity Investments
  5. University City Accelerated Investments
  6. Market West High-Capacity Transit Station
  7. Norristown High-Speed Line Extension
  8. The Transformation of Roosevelt Boulevard
  9. Interconnected Communities

This transportation strategy was only possible because of the time and support of CEO Council members, in particular, WSP USA and its expert guidance and analytical support.

Using this strategic package, our region will advocate for funding and implementation of projects that will achieve Greater Philadelphia’s vision of becoming a truly global region.



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