The Chamber is pleased to provide a federal legislative update on legislative issues viewed as critical to growing Greater Philadelphia’s economy and quality of life.  These policy issues are primarily informed by the work of the Chamber’s CEO Council for Growth (CEO Council), which is committed to enhancing economic growth and prosperity in our region through regional and national policy.

Upcoming Events

We hope you will join us on Monday, February 27th at the upcoming Congressional Staff Luncheon beginning at 11:30am at The Logan in Philadelphia.  This is a popular event that provides Congressional staff and regional business leaders the opportunity to connect.


Greater Philadelphia is a thriving metropolitan area that offers unparalleled global access, a well-placed geographic location, an outstanding talent pool, a huge market of customers, and an incredible quality of life.  In our history, we placed a high importance on infrastructure as a strategic economic asset and have implemented projects that were truly transformational. Still, our region is changing so quickly that new investments are critical to accommodate and accelerate such outstanding development.  The future of our region rests in large part on our ability to secure investments for projects that can expand use of our multimodal nodes, highways, bridges, transit, ports, pipelines, inter-city passenger rail, and international airport.

The Chamber and CEO Council are encouraged by the Trump Administration’s call for a $1 trillion infrastructure investment over the next ten years. Over the last 6 months, the CEO Council has worked to define a clear and succinct investment portfolio that supports and accelerates the growth of employment centers, strengthens and expands the flow of goods and cargo, and increasingly connects our region to the globe.  The CEO Council will use share this strategy and advocate for funding and implementation of specific key project portfolios. They are based on an evaluation of the strategic packages’ ability to impact three distinct factors: economy, mobility, and livability.

High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail

The CEO Council recently joined the Coalition for the Northeast Corridor (CNEC), which represents the spectrum of transportation and business community stakeholders whose employees rely on the corridor to conduct commerce, create jobs, and drive the U.S. economy forward. The coalition is a regional and national advocacy effort led by market part