As part of our programs and events that emphasize how industry-specific growth impacts our broader business community, Chellie Cameron, CEO of Philadelphia International Airport spoke at our program A View from the Air: Positioning Philadelphia International Airport for Success. 


Guest Commentator: Chellie Cameron, CEO, Philadelphia International Airport

How are the changes happening at PHL and partnerships with airlines and vendors impacting service at the airport?

Star ships don’t just take flight over night; contrary to science fiction, they take time. But once they hit the stratosphere, they’re off! Such a luminous transformation is underway at Philadelphia International Airport.

Since I became CEO 11 months ago, I have made improving customer service one of my priorities. What may surprise you is how we define our customer:  we consider employees, passengers and our many stakeholders to be among the customers of the Airport.

As a CPA by training, I’d like to introduce you to our operation by the numbers: There are about 870 employees in City’s Division of Aviation and an additional 19,000 who work for the airlines, the federal agencies including the TSA, the Marketplace restaurants and shops, concessions and car rental agencies. We serve about 86,000 passengers each day. Every day.

Our stakeholders include 25 passenger and cargo airlines that are our tenants and partners in air service, the regional businesses that enjoy the direct and indirect economic benefits created by the Airport, the public officials, and the private citizens of this region.

Our latest mission: Enterprise Transformation (ET)

It’s a big operation and it functions well.  Our goal is to function even better. We intend to enhance customer service by transforming the way we interact with our customers.  This starts by making sure everyone within the organization both understands their role and responsibilities and also knows how to work with others. A key component to this transformation lies in developing better communication and building bridges across the various Airport channels.

That’s why we have resumed customer service training classes for all PHL employees. We have begun a newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date on PHL happenings such as the announcement that Icelandair will start air service in the spring. We also use various contemporary media platforms to keep all of our stakeholders informed on a timely and consistent basis; our social media is among the most responsive in the industry.

We know the Airport is integral to the region’s success. We want all our customers to know that we will go above and beyond to serve them.