With the eyes of the country – and world – turning to Philadelphia this week as our region hosts the Democratic National Convention, the Chamber is a resource for all businesses and civic partners, helping to navigate issues and maximize opportunities. We are pleased to keep our members informed about how this historic event will impact their businesses. The following FAQs, prepared by DNC Host Committee, provides an overview of what to expect this week:

When is the Convention? When do we expect Convention attendees to arrive and leave?

  • The Democratic National Convention (DNC) begins Monday, July 25th, and ends Thursday evening, July 28th. Attendees will likely arrive as soon as Friday, July 22nd, and largely leave by Friday, July 29th.

How many people are coming to Philadelphia for the Convention?

  • The City expects approximately 50,000 Convention participants between delegates, media, and other attendees, which is about the equivalent of the Army-Navy game.

Where does the Convention take place?

  • The Convention takes place at the Wells Fargo Center in the evening hours. While the final schedule has not yet been released by the DNC, traditionally, the hours have been from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m each day. Smaller caucuses and council meetings will occur during work hours at the Pennsylvania Convention Center as well.

Where will Convention delegates be spending their time?

  • Most delegates will spend breakfast hours at their hotel for state delegate meetings. Many delegates will then travel to the Convention Center in Center City for various caucuses during the work day. All delegates will then travel to the Wells Fargo Center for the Convention for the evening. Following the Convention, delegates will be bused to Center City and/or their hotels. We expect many delegates to remain in close proximity to their accommodations however it is likely some will travel to local restaurants and bars.

Should I expect a rush from Convention business?

  • The Pennsylvania Convention Center and the City host events of similar size as the DNC often, so businesses in Center City should expect similar traffic.
  • Restaurant owners should note that most delegates will eat at their hotels during breakfast meetings and all delegates will be at the Wells Fargo Center Monday through Friday during dinner hours. Many delegates will also be provided lunch during caucuses at the Convention Center. Some delegates may seek out late-night bites following the Convention proceedings, which have traditionally concluded at 11p.m.
  • While delegates will be busy during mealtimes, thousands of members of the media will be coming to town and many delegates are traveling with family or other attendees. We also expect many attendees to arrive the weekend prior to the event before the Convention, lunch time caucuses, and breakfast meetings formally begin. Additionally, we expect a close-to-normal number of local customers during the week of DNC.
  • Businesses can be a part of the DNC by using the hashtag #DNCDeals on social media accounts to spread the word about deals and activities they’re offering during the Convention. Learn more about this initiative at ww