According to an article released by Drug Store News, the dispensing rate of generic medicines will increase from 88% to as high as 92% by year 2020. The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics is also predicting that 75 new medications will be introduced by the same timeframe – treating cancer, hepatitis-C, auto-immune disorders and heart disease among other illnesses. Patients may find themselves looking for assistance with prescription costs in the near future.

You can help by educating your members about the Pennsylvania Drug Card, which is a free statewide prescription assistance program. The Pennsylvania Drug Card was launched in an effort to make prescription medications more affordable for the uninsured, as well as the underinsured. The Pennsylvania Drug Card can be used for savings of up to 75% on prescription medications at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The card discounts both brand and generic prescription medications for those individuals without prescription coverage. Additionally, those who have prescription drug coverage may still qualify and receive discounts on medications not covered by their insurance plan. There’s no application to complete, no membership restrictions, no income requirement, and no age limitations.

Patients may visit to print a free Pennsylvania Drug Card. There, they can also search for participating pharmacies and compare medication pricing.

Physicians may request a supply of custom cards mailed directly to their office at no cost by contacting the program’s development director, Heidi Barousse, at